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is a NO-KILL Shelter.

This is Gus! Gus is one of the animals we rescued in early October. He is our old guy. He is 17 years old. Yes 17! He loves everyone and loves his buddies, Griz and Brutus! Since Gus came in he has had upper and lower respiratory infection. It is getting much better, but still a working process. We would like to get Gus into a nice, warm, loving foster home until he gets back onto his paws! If you are interested in fostering Gus please email me at preciouspaws2011@hotmail.com or call me (Jeannine) at 218-966-2484. Keep in mind he may need to be given medications from time to time. Call or email for more information on how to become a foster!

About Us:

Founded in 1991 as Hibbing Animal Shelter and Humane Society (Our Corporate Name). Re-established in Chisholm in 2011 as Precious Paws Humane Society of Chisholm.

We are 100% Volunteered run.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to prevent and alleviate animal suffering through shelter, adoption, education, and community outreach; to support the enforcement of animal welfare laws and state statutes; and to strengthen the human/animal bond.