Love animals?  Love to shop?  Looking for a unique Mother’s Day, birthday, “just because” or “just for you” gift?

Precious Paws has partnered with PawZaar, an online boutique of fun, funky products for animal lovers of all ages—ranging from jewelry, keychains, kitchenware, and tote bags to coloring books, finger puppets and purses for the kids!  When you purchase an item from the “Helping Paws” collection, Precious Paws receives a $10 commission PER item—so 1 bracelet=$10, 5 bracelets=$50!  Not interested in anything from the “Helping Paws” collection?  That’s ok!  Precious Paws will still receive a 10% kickback on all other product orders.  Plus, each and every purchase from PawZaar benefits the featured animal shelter of the week!

It’s a shopping spree you can truly feel good about!

Ready to get started?  Just click on our custom PawZaar website link below.  Remember, we won’t get credit for your purchases unless you use our custom PawZaar link.  Let’s shop to save animals!

Paypal Donations!

We now have a button for Paypal donations! You can click the button and it will take you directly to our Paypal page so you can donate any amount you like!