All Adoptions Require Approved References

(An approved reference would be your vet,  your employer,  a business owner, or someone from the police or fire department for example)



enjoying the sun      Bugsie a


This adorable little senior is looking for a sunny window to perch in, a comfortable lap to fill, and soft quiet place to sleep. Bugsie is now 18-years old (having spent the past year at the shelter), but she still has lots of love to share.  In her soft, gentle voice she begs to be picked up and when she is, she’ll snuggle right into your neck and reward you with the softest of purrs.  Will you be that special person who offers her a loving home for whatever time she may have left?

We put Bugsie’s bed on a chair in a sunny spot at the shelter, and as you can see, she enjoys basking in the warmth.

(Bugsie needs to be in a quiet home without any other animals)




Belle is a sweet cat with beautiful markings.  She’s still a bit unsettled yet, and may act out when she’s overwhelmed.  At this time, she’d do better in a home without little ones.  Belle’s adoption price is $54 which tax.  She is spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, and micro-chipped.



Cinder 2

When Cinder came in he was pretty scared. Soft words, good food, and a warm bed let him know that he’s safe.  The next step is getting him a forever home where he can really let his personality shine.  His adoption fee is $92 which includes tax.  He’s neutered, up-to-date on his vaccinations, and microchipped.  Please call us at 254-3300 if you would like more information on Cinder to stop by the shelter to meet him.



JellyBean 2


This talkative kitty’s name is JellyBean. She’s a sweet cat with a soft meow.  She loves when you pet her and pay her some attention.  Here she is telling us that she wants that special lap that has her name on it.  Her adoption price is $27 which includes tax.  She’s been spayed, is up-to-date on her vaccinations, and she’s microchipped.  Please call us at 254-3300 f you would like more information on JellyBean or stop by the shelter to meet her.



Junior 5-8-16     3-3-17 a Precious Junior

Our precious Junior is still looking for a loving home.  Junior is getting close to 9 years old now. He’s a calm kitty who’s looking for someone to cuddle with.  Junior would prefer a quiet home where he can be himself.  He’s very cautious about giving his love, but when he does–it’s worth it!  He is a favorite of many of our shelter volunteers!  A generous cat lover sponsored Junior and paid his adoption fee.  Please stop by Precious Paws and meet him.




Oliver is a friendly kitty who’s looking for the purr-fect family.  His idea of the purr-fect home is one where he is the only cat.  He is about a year old.  Oliver is a special cat who’ll make a great companion for the lucky person who takes him home.


Oreo 3

Oreo’s a very pretty long-haired kitty with big green eyes. She’s a friendly cat who likes kids.  Her adoption fee is $92 which includes tax.  She’s spayed, up-to-date on her vaccinations, and microchipped.  Please call us at 254-3300 if you would like more information on Oreo or stop by the shelter to meet her.





Tiger is a friendly kitty with a big voice and even bigger desire to be held and played with.  He’ll make a great companion.  Tiger needs a special diet though–he needs urinary tract food.  His adoption price is $92 which includes his neuter, up-to-date vaccinations, and microchip.



My name is Twizzler. I can’t tell you much about my owners, except that someone put me in a carrier and placed me on some guy’s porch.  Thankfully, he found me before I spent too much time out in the heat, and when he did, he brought me right to Precious Paws.  They took me in and immediately set me up in a comfortable home with a nice bed and lots of food.  I now have a second chance to find a happy, loving forever home where I can show people what a great kitty I am.  Collin Ventrella, an admirer of mine, sponsored me, so my adoption fee has been paid in full.  I am spayed, up-to-date on my vaccinations, and micro-chipped.  If you’d like to meet me, please stop by Precious Paws and ask for Twizzler.


All adoptions require approved references