All Adoptions Require Approved References

(An approved reference would be your vet,  your employer,  a business owner, or someone from the police or fire department for example) 


Blackie b

This handsome cat is Blackie. He is very gentle and likes to pat your face while giving kisses.  He loves to wrap his arms around your neck and cuddle, purring loudly the whole time.  He’s just the sweetest little guy!  Blackie prefers to be the only pet in the home.



Cinder a

When Cinder came in he was pretty scared. Soft words, good food, and a warm bed let him know that he’s safe.  The next step is getting him a forever home where he can really let his personality shine.  His adoption fee is $92 which includes tax.  He’s neutered, up-to-date on his vaccinations, and microchipped.  Please call us at 254-3300 if you would like more information on Cinder to stop by the shelter to meet him.



Kiwi 3

Kiwi is a friendly young tabby who is looking for that loving home where she’ll be cherished and protected.  She has lovely green eyes.



Leo               Leo 5

Leo is a work in progress. When he came to Precious Paws he was very scared. He has a sweet demeanor and a sad face, but with the constant love and attention he’s received from our volunteers, he’s not so sad anymore. When you approach his cage, he meows to let you know that he wants attention. He loves to be brushed and he’s learning that it’s pretty nice when someone pets you.


Madison 2

Madison is a young kitty who was living on her own until rescued. She is very scared and tries to make herself invisible if approached. It will take lots of effort to gain her trust but we will give her all the time that she needs. She has beautiful green eyes and we think she may a Scottish fold mix.


patty 3

This pretty calico is Patty.  She has a great personality–she’s very affectionate and playful.  I’m sure she’d love to have a home where she could shower the family with attention and receive lots of love in return.



Rascal                      Rascal 5

This adorable kitty is Rascal. When he was rescued he was so scared that he would shake and hiss when approached, but it was all bluster. With gentle words and petting, he calmed down and now comes out and gives hugs to his friends. Rascal has come a long way in learning to trust and now wants a wonderful home where he’ll feel safe and loved.


Salina–Special Needs Kitty

Salina                      Salina

Salina is a friendly loving kitty who loves attention. She’s very gentle, Unfortunately, we recently found out that she suffers a seizure disorder (similar to epilepsy) and needs daily medication. This means that this sweet cat will need someone special who’ll give her a loving home while helping her manage her seizures. Are you that person who is willing to adopt a cat who really needs you?




Hi! I’m Siam. I’m a one year old male Siamese mix. True to my Siamese heritage, I’m very vocal and very active.  I’ll need a home where I’ll get lots of attention and play time.  Everyone says how beautiful and loveable I am.  Stop in to Precious Paws to meet me.  I’m guessing you just might fall in love with me!  I’ll be neutered and vaccinated before heading home with you, so all you’ll need to worry about is playing with me!




Spock is a young adult kitty with very pretty markings.  She’s friendly and playful and will do well in a family that will give her lots of attention.


Precious Paws Nursery

We have lots of kittens at Precious Paws who will be looking for loving homes when they are old enough.  Kittens are ready to go home when they are 12 weeks old.  They will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped.  If you are interested in adopting a kitten, you can fill out an application and get pre-approved.  If you are approved and would like to reserve a cat, you can pay for it and we will mark “adopted” for that cat.  It will be ready to go home the same day that it is fixed.

All kittens are well socialized and playful–their adorable antics will bring lots of laughs and joy into your home.

Dolly and her babies


Mom Dolly and her babies Latte (female), Spice (male) and Sugar (male).  Dolly’s babies are about 5 1/2 weeks old and won’t be ready for homes until they are 12 weeks old. Latte (female) Spice (male) Sugar (male)

Emma and her babies


Chaplin (male), mama Emma, and Tux (female).

Chaplin (male) Emma Tux (female)

Missy and her babies

Missy     8-11-17 born today

Missy had four kittens earlier today–here they are just a few hours old (9/11/17).


Motherless kittens

We’ve been told that the mother of these 3 adorable kittens was killed and they were turned over to us.  Pepper, who’s kittens have been weaned, decided that she would be surrogate mother to these orphans and she has been taking wonderful care of them since they came in.  They are only 2-3 weeks old, so have quite a ways to go before they can go home.

Meet Autumn (female), Fern (female), and Leaf (male)

Autumn (female) Fern (female) Leaf (male)

Sunny and her babies


Sunny’s babies were born on August 6, so they are a little over 1 month old.  Meet mom Sunny, Autumn (female), Cinder (male), Hunter (female), and Pumpkin (male).  In about 2 months, these adorable kittens will be ready for loving homes.

mama Sunny

 u  Autumn Cinder Hunter  Pumpkin


All adoptions require approved references