All Adoptions Require Approved References

(An approved reference would be your vet,  your employer,  a business owner, or someone from the police or fire department for example) 


Blackie b

This handsome cat is Blackie. He is very gentle and likes to pat your face while giving kisses.  He loves to wrap his arms around your neck and cuddle, purring loudly the whole time.  He’s just the sweetest little guy!  Blackie prefers to be the only pet in the home.



Bruiser 3


Bruiser is a very friendly kitty who was surviving on his own in the woods for a long time.  He was getting beat up by some nasty Tom cats in the area, so he decided to hide under someone’s house.  The family began feeding him, and then worried about his bruises, called us for help.  Despite his rough start, Bruiser is very sweet and loves to cuddle.  He’s looking for a safe, forever home where he will be an indoor cat.  A comfy lap to sit on would be nice too.



Cinder a

When Cinder came in he was pretty scared. Soft words, good food, and a warm bed let him know that he’s safe.  The next step is getting him a forever home where he can really let his personality shine.  His adoption fee is $92 which includes tax.  He’s neutered, up-to-date on his vaccinations, and microchipped.  Please call us at 254-3300 if you would like more information on Cinder to stop by the shelter to meet him.



Junior 5-8-16     3-3-17 a Precious Junior


Our precious Junior is still looking for a loving home.  Junior is getting close to 9 years old now. He’s a calm kitty who’s looking for someone to cuddle with.  Junior would prefer a quiet home where he can be himself.  He’s very cautious about giving his love, but when he does–it’s worth it!  He is a favorite of many of our shelter volunteers!  A generous cat lover sponsored Junior and paid his adoption fee.  Please stop by Precious Paws and meet him.



Kiwi 3

Kiwi is a friendly young tabby who is looking for that loving home where she’ll be cherished and protected.  She has lovely green eyes.




Leo is a work in progress. He came from a bad home situation and was very scared.  He has a sweet demeanor and a sad face, but everyday he’s learning to trust that people will be kind to him.  He just loves to be brushed and now he’s begun talking a little bit when we approach his cage–it’s like he’s telling us “please come pet me, I’m lonely.”  Leo just has to find “his” person and then he’ll be able to enjoy life like a cat should.



Lily 2A

Meet Lily! She’s about 5 months old and she has a sweet demeanor.  She loves it when you pet her.


Oliver (2)


Oliver is a great companion for anyone who would love having a single kitty. He enjoys being carried and cuddled, but may take a few days to warm up to his person. Once he gets to know you, he will be your loyal friend.

Oliver enjoys sitting on laps and being scratched and petted under the chin. He is a funny guy in that he loves water! He dips his paws into his water dish and baths himself quite happily. Oliver is very curious & loves to sit and watch birds & look out the window.

Oliver also loves to play! He is a young guy & so his kitten days aren’t far behind him. He enjoys chasing a laser light & most any kitty toys. He is lots of fun & a handsome boy to say the least!

Oliver loves to be the center of attention and boss of his home, so he does not mix well with other cats. He is a nice fella when he’s in charge, and will certainly purr your ear off if you give him the love he craves!”



Oreo 7


I am very sweet and beautiful, if I do say so myself!  I absolutely LOVE kids and I LOVE to play.  I am so much fun.  My favorite toy is a fish on the end of a wand.  I’m a real acrobat.  I also enjoy sitting in a window watching the birds and squirrels.  I do need to be the only cat in the family, but, hey, I’m all you will need!



This adorable kitty is Rascal. Rescued from a bad home situation, he’s still very scared—he needs lots of TLC.  He shakes and hisses when approached, but it’s all bluster.  With gentle words and petting, he calms down.  His special person will need lots of patience and a willingness to let Rascal settle in and learn to trust.



Robbie 3

This dainty little cat is Robbie. She’s extremely friendly and cuddly.   When you walk past her cage she will meow at you as if to say “please stop and pick me up.”  Robbie is declawed.


All adoptions require approved references